Know-how is nothing without knowing it.

From the 16th to the 24th of February 2019



The International Inter-Progress Foundation, PROMOTE’s Mandated Organizer proposes on the basis of shared values multi-faceted partnerships with major companies, organizations and institutions aimed at achieving common objectives and which are called to maintain PROMOTE in a development and growth spirit thus ensuring its continuity.

This commitment by the Organizer to ensure to its future Partners the strength of the official designation of PROMOTE Partner is guided by the main perspective of creating, building and developing lasting and effective partner relationships that can accompany and support them in the organization and promotion of PROMOTE with the upstream inspection and analysis of the Partner’s expectations and needs and in response the provision of relevant and appropriate solutions. PROMOTE as an acting manager then turning into a true actor of Added Value for their partners.

For the Partner of PROMOTE, this is decisively to:

  • Stand out from competition,
  • Reaffirm the dynamism of its trades and professions,
  • Magnify the inventiveness and contemporary innovation of its services and products,
  • Consolidate and enhance its brand image and reputation,
  • Impress the professional press and communicate on as well as in the reference documents and exhibition spaces or any other visibility opportunity tailored on and off the site,
  • Present your company, resources and skills in the best possible ways and make them visible and accessible to its present and future markets.

But even more, BECOMING A PARTNER OF PROMOTE is an act of commitment that also participates in and above all to make PROMOTE a beautiful collective work and a success in line with the Partner’s image as an engine and creator of wealth.

THREE PRIVILEGES ARE AT STAKE for PROMOTE 2019: A Prestigious Partner and two Major Partners

 The Official partnerships are mainly technical and thematic (official transporters, official caterer, official insurer, official bank, official water, official printer, .....) and negotiate according to useful conveniences of the organization or suggested positions.

The Citizen Solidarity Action in favor of SMEs with strong and real growth potential remains a reference action at PROMOTE that national and international institutions and large companies have succeeded in carrying out in each edition on the observation of the progress made by the beneficiaries. It is renewed for PROMOTE 2019.

The support to SMEs manifested by the payment of their participation costs and their support during the preparatory phase by the Organizer’s SME Support Unit allows them to be exposed to an increase in visibility and new forms of interest in their growth.

Donors, citizens of solidarity are publicly thanked on the Official Day of PROMOTE.