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From the 16th to the 24th of February 2019


About Promote

PROMOTE is a collective work of general interest for the promotion of enterprises organized by the Swiss International Foundation INTER-PROGRESS, which runs all its activities from its Regional Unit in Yaoundé in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement signed with the Government of Cameroon on April 2, 1993. PROMOTE is organized with a mandate from the Cameroonian Government represented by the Ministry of Trade and under the supervision of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. It is run on a non-profit-making basis.

Since PROMOTE’s first edition in 2002, much progress has been made and the Organizer’s performances are remarkable as notified by the Commissioning Authorities, Partner Institutions, local and foreign exhibitors but also by the general public. They suggest that there is a formula that could be described as magical given how special and specific the material, logistics and human ingredients involved in this success are.

The institutional Exhibition B2A / The public–private sector dialogue: PROMOTE provides for the public institutions, a suitable platform to raise awareness on their mission as regulator and instigator of the economy.

The professional Exhibition B2B / A core group of companies from all over the world and leading sectors which focus their participation on the business meetings (B2B, thematic encounters, search for multifaceted partnerships, debates, seminars, special events, etc.). The benefit of PROMOTE: We communicate!

The general public Exhibition B2C / Being at the heart of Africa where most businesses experience several needs in promotion, PROMOTE is open to SMES as well as corporations, direct sales with added value that is not resale.

The plus, the human encounter: PROMOTE echoes Africa’s legendary friendliness through its economic, artistic and cultural activities that puts everyone at ease!

The MANDATE by Cameroonian Highest Authorities: the technical, logistics and material organization as well as PROMOTE’s management are entrusted to the Swiss International Foundation Inter-Progress within the framework of a Cooperation Agreement signed in 1993. This status increases contributions from the public sector as well as sponsoring and citizen-orientated activities. In order to ensure a balance of jobs and resources, the State of Cameroon provides a subsidy representing approximately 15% of the resources; other resources are donations by citizens, sponsorships from major companies and contributions of participants who benefit from subsidized prices.

The Regional Partner / ECCAS: Solidarity with the 10 Central African States on the issue of regional integration in reference to a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Economic Community of Central African States.